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44% Funded


Donated of $10,000.00
$3,810.00 Donations
$645.00 Matched Amount

• Fencing pasture for two new elderly horses- $500
• Building aviary for special needs chickens - $1000
• Adding padded foam flooring and drainage to special needs pig stall - $1500
• Covering emergency UC Davis vet bills - $2000
• Giving abused and neglected animals a forever home - PRICELESS

These are examples of expenses recently incurred by Josh and Danielle Hanosh, the founders of Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary in Colfax, CA. Blackberry Creek takes in abused and neglected animals and lets them live out their lives with comfort and compassion. All expenses are 100% funded by outside donations and all of the work is done by Josh and Danielle and their dedicated volunteers.

As if running a sanctuary isn't enough, Josh and Danielle are also full-time middle school teachers. They start their day with 5AM feedings, teach a full day of classes, start a second round of feedings when they get home, and end the day at 10PM with a tuck in for everyone. They spend their weekends shoveling mountains of llama, goat, pig, donkey, and chicken poop; cleaning stalls and coops; and tending to a never-ending list of things that need repair.

Additionally, they use their passion for education to host visitor days, outreach events, private tours, and school visits to teach awareness, compassion, and responsibility towards animals, and even published a children's book called "What Are Llamas For?"

I received a tour of Blackberry Creek as a birthday gift and immediately fell in love with Josh and Danielle, the animals, and all that they are trying to accomplish. Their dedication to these forgotten animals has motivated me to do whatever I can to support them. Spending time helping them with chores or building a chicken coop or supporting a fundraising event is so fulfilling it hardly feels like work. If you love animals and want to support two people trying to make the world a better place, I ask you to please consider donating to their worthwhile efforts.

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Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary

Colfax, California, 95713, United States

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